İstanbul Yazılım Yöneticileri Günü 2013

İstanbul Yazılım Yöneticileri Günü 2013 konferansı; 15 Haziran 2013 cumartesi günü  Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Beşiktaş Kampüsünde düzenlenecektir. İstanbul Yazılım Yöneticileri Günü 2013 konferansı, uluslararası boyutta değerli konukları ağırlayacaktır.

Etkinliğin yeri ve zamanı :

Tarih 15 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi

Saat : 12.45 – 17.00 arası

Yer : Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Beşiktaş Kampüsü –Fazıl Say salonu

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Etkinlik programı

12.30 – Kayıt 

12.45 – Açılış konuşması : Altuğ Bilgin Altıntaş

13.00 – 13.50

  • Konuşmacı :  Elif Özdemir (ThoughtWorks)
    • Elif Özdemir has over 10 years of software delivery and consulting experience, working as a developer, business analyst and project manager throughout the UK, Germany, Australia and Turkey, across a range of sectors including public services, telecoms, banking, non-governmental and media.Since 2009, she has been working at ThoughtWorks, a global IT consultancy providing Agile-based systems development and consulting services.As project manager and senior business analyst, she worked on software delivery, consulting and coaching engagements for clients inmotor insurance, telecommunications, media and non-governmental sectors. She worked with high-performing cross-functional teams to deliver elegant and robust web applications, led technology teams to effectively deliver business needs and trained client teams in Agile analysis and planning methods.She is currently on leave of absence from ThoughtWorks, doing an MBA at Istanbul Technical University.
  • Konu :   Organisational Transformation: Mapping Tools to Culture

    Culture is a set of key values, beliefs, understandings and norms that members of an organisation share. It describes the company’s rationale for people’s behaviour, providing guidelines for actions, causes for pride and despair.

    It takes up to three years to change the culture of an organisation. Change is costly; major change efforts can be messy and full of surprises. Picking the tools that’s suitable to an organisation’s current culture ensures the success of an organisational transformation programme and following a proven set of guidelines can breakdown.

14.00 – 14.50

  • Konuşmacılar : James Hartley – Mehmet Tunç (Toyota Europe)
  • Konu :  Our Experience on Lean IT&IS Project Management
    • Introduction
    • Company Culture: Toyota Way
    • Toyota Way in IT & IS Projects
    • Practical Examples
    • Summary

15.30 – 16.20

  • Konuşmacı: Sean Yu

    • Sean is currently working with two other partners on a SaaS invoicing platform for Turkey’s SME market. Prior to this venture, Sean was the CFO of, a Turkish startup with $5mm in financing and a 10mm user base. Sean first came to Turkey almost 3 years ago to work with Endeavor. Previously, Sean worked in private equity at Gryphon Investors in San Francisco, and in investment banking at Lehman Brothers in New York. Sean studied economics at Harvard. To the extent of his knowledge, Sean is not Turkish, but he does have an inexplicably profound liking for Turkey. Sean is specifically interested in the role technology plays in Turkey’s economic development.
  • Konu : How to manage software projects in a bootstrapped start-up

Etkinliğin yeri ve zamanı :

Tarih 15 Haziran 2013 Cumartesi

Saat : 12.45 – 18.30 arası

Yer : Bahçeşehir Üniversitesi Beşiktaş Kampüsü –Fazıl Say salonu


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