[EN] Simple @JsonbCreator example

Here is a simple scenario;  I will call a rest URL with POST with curl and system will create the entity object on the fly.

curl -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -d '{"number":23, "numberOfSeats":"23"}' -X POST http://localhost:8080/airport/resources/flights

Let’s start with the boundary layer

public class FlightsResource {
   public void save(Flight flight) {

Then controller layer

public class FlightCoordinator {

private ArrayList<Flight> list;

public void init() {
   this.list = new ArrayList<>();
   this.list.add(new Flight("lh42", 42));
public void save(Flight flight) {


Entity class :

public class Flight {

   public String number;
   public int numberOfSeats;

   public Flight(@JsonbProperty("number") String number, @JsonbProperty("numberOfSeats") int    numberOfSeats) {
     this.number = number;
     this.numberOfSeats = numberOfSeats;


@JsonbCreator  annotation will create the Flight object on the fly so that we will be able to insert Flight object into the database. Also by using @JsonbProperty annotation, you can change the variable names.

Thanks to Adam Bien for this example

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